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 Network Troubleshooting Guides and Technix, compiled by Conrad

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PostSubject: Network Troubleshooting Guides and Technix, compiled by Conrad   Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:39 pm

Network Troubleshooting with PingPlotter

If you are having network problems, PingPlotter is the tool to download
Standard is a lightweight network troubleshooting, diagnostic and
monitoring tool. It can run in the background collecting data while you
continue to run applications and then allow you to quickly look at the
data in an intuitive graphical format when you experience problems
(reduced call quality for VoIP, slowdowns or disconnects with
applications, etc.).

(click to get full-size image)

Share the results to get your problem solved
is also great at allowing you to collect data over time to give you the
information you really need to identify intermittent problems and
allowing you to see both short-term and long-term trends. Maybe your
connection is great at 4am, but it not so much at 10pm. PingPlotter can
show that in a way that can help you communicate the problem to your

Easy and understandable
PingPlotter was originally created to troubleshoot network problems
in Quakeworld back in 1998. Since then, we've helped thousands (and
thousands and thousands) of gamers, network professionals and home
users "See the network, pinpoint the problem".

Ready to get started?
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Network Troubleshooting Guides and Technix, compiled by Conrad
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