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 Intel LGA775 Heat sink and fans

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PostSubject: Intel LGA775 Heat sink and fans   Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:13 am

:: compiled from tech forums

Intel LGA775 socket is here since Pentium 4 prescot
range !!! Intel have all shorts of processors with LGA775 from the
lowest end Celeron LGA775 and upto the highest end 45nm Core 2 eXtreme,
yet all of them come with identical looking socket 775 heat sink and

By the way, What is LGA 775 ??

Lets put this in simple words, Processors are
attached with motherboard via their connecting socket, different
processors have different socket architecture. AMD uses AM2 / 939 / 940
where as Intel is using same LGA775 socket architecture for a long period of time.

And what’s a heat sink ??

When processors run, they generate a lot of heat,
heat sink is an environment or object that absorbs and dissipates heat
from another object using thermal contact (either direct or radiant).

So, is there any difference between LGA775 heat sicks ??

Infact though they look the same for all processors,
but underneath they are different. Intel Celeron and Intel Core 2 Duo
doesn’t come with exact same one !!

Let us take a look at some of the Intel default LGA775 heat sinks.

They may look same from the out side, but when you take a look at them from in-side, you may spot the difference !!

Let us take a look at their diagrams,

This bellow one would be a LGA775 of Intel Core 2 Duo E6xxx and E8xxx and Core 2 Quad Q6600 / Q6700,

Where as this (bellow) one is a LGA775 heat sink of Intel Pentium Dual Core / Core 2 Duo E4xxx / Pentium 4 5xx / 6xx / Celeron D

and as the Pentium D / Pentium eXtreme Editions runs
at 3 GHz and higher thus generating a lot of heat so this type of heat
sink are supplied with them.

The best would be these bellow type LGA775 which comes with top line Core 2 Extreme and Core 2 Quads (45nm),

Why are you reading this ?

Many of us upgrades our system from Pentium 4 to
Pentium D or Core 2 range processors. Some time one may find that
processor fan is faulty with their new system, and just to save time
and money involving in warranty issue, they simply install the older
Heat sink and fan with their new system.

Now as you may see,most of the time though the
socket is LGA775 and all heat sink looks the same, but underneath they
are quite different.

So it is always recommended to use the proper heat
sink which is meant for your system, or a better one (if you know what
you are doing).
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Intel LGA775 Heat sink and fans
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