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 What is Microsoft ICE ?

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PostSubject: What is Microsoft ICE ?   Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:56 am

What is Microsoft ICE ?

Microsoft Image Composite Editor is an advanced panoramic image stitcher. You shoot a set of overlapping
photographs of a scene from a single location, and Image Composite
Editor creates a high-resolution panorama incorporating all your images
at full resolution.

Lets give it a test

Recently I have gone to Bangalore for
some work and I have taken few overlapped images of Bangalore Airport
with my Nikon s51c. There are 5 separate images which I have taken
while standing still at a same place.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

As you take a look at these images, you
may notice the camera rotation in every image, however still all these
images needs to be stitched together to give us a panoramic impression.

Though the software says “Advance” but as you launch the software, you would find a very simple and easy to navigate interface.

So as it says, all I need to do is drag
and drop the images inside the work pane. Once I have added those 5
above shown images, this is the output which I get.

Only thing which is now left is saving
the image after cropping it to leave out the choppy edges. There is an
option given called “Automatic Crop” which does the job nicely and
makes the image ready for export !!!

The Stitched Image

Intelligence of the software can be
seen on a closer look to the stitched image while in extreme zoom. As
for example in this below section, which is a zoom-in section of the
stitched image, you may see the software has sacrificed the floor
matching, in order to make sure the car is matched properly, while
joining image 3 and image 4.

Microsoft ICE can definitely be an
answer to the question, How to make beautiful panoramic images. Ohh,
one more thing, this is a free software by the way !!!
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What is Microsoft ICE ?
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