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 My P1i Mods and Apps installed

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PostSubject: My P1i Mods and Apps installed   Tue Nov 18, 2008 1:49 pm

The following list are the application mods installed on my SE P1i.

1. Capswitch
2. Swiss Manager Pro 1.70
3. Fring
4. SIS Installer (Swmail)
5. Torch Mod (Swmail)
6. qobexlistener | Bluetooth Mod
7. Flash Plugin (Swmail)
8. Gmail
9. Google Maps
10. OpereMini 3.11 Mod
11. iPhone Lock
12. P.I.P.S. | Pips On Symbian unIX -POSIX
13. Earth Finder
14. Core Player
15. Capture Screen
16. WayFinder Navigator
17. Handy Safe
18. Handy Expense
19. Advance Device Lock
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My P1i Mods and Apps installed
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