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 Get Started with Home Networking

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PostSubject: Get Started with Home Networking   Get Started with Home Networking Icon_minitimeSun Sep 28, 2008 2:12 pm

Get Started with Home Networking

Get Started with Home Networking Hls_intermediate_imWhether
you're streamlining the office, sharing music files, or putting an end
to the argument over whose turn it is to go online, a home or small
office network can do a lot for you. How to choose the right equipment
and get it working isn't always clear, though. We'll take some of the
mystery out of getting started.
What a Home or Small Office Network Can Do for You

You've heard about the advantages of networking your existing
computers, for convenience at home or productivity at work. We outline
some of the specifics.
The Main Home & Small Business Network Types

So many different technologies compete for your networking dollar.
Obviously they're not all created equal, and they're not all the
perfect choice for you. We boil the debate down to the two biggest
competitors — Ethernet and Wi-Fi — and show you some of the advantages
of each.
What Does it Take to Build a Network?

How do you decide whether you really need a home network, and whether
the equipment you have now will be useful when you install one? We help
you find some answers.
Setting Up Your Home Network

There are a few basic principles to keep in mind when you start to
install a home network. We also provide some pointers on getting a
couple of basic networks set up.
What Are the Choices for Going Online?

The type of Internet service provider (ISP) you use can affect some of
the choices you make while shopping for networking hardware.
Connecting a Computer to the Internet

When you share an Internet connection through a network, you still have
to keep a few things in mind for the computer closest to the
Connecting Your Network to the Internet: An Overview

Figuring out which types of networks and connections you need can be a
bit daunting at first; we try and remove a bit of the sting by showing
you a few basic things to think about as you start your research.
Connecting Your Network to the Internet: Making Decisions

Choosing the right type of Internet connection and installing all the
pieces takes a bit of time and information — do it right the first time
and the investment will pay off.
Do I need an ISP?

Not everyone who sets up a small network is connected to the Internet — there are plenty of other benefits to networking.
Sharing Printers: An Overview

We'll get you started with the process of hooking up a printer and
sharing it with other computers on the network, and provide
instructions for some typical setups.
Sharing Files and Folders with Those You Trust: An Overview

Collaborating on project work and sharing media files is a great reason
to set up a network, and we'll show you some of the basics so you can
get started.
Troubleshooting Your Network

We cover some of the more common issues associated with the Windows
firewall, Internet connection sharing, and file and printer sharing.
Home Networking Glossary

We define terms from the basic to the somewhat complex.
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Get Started with Home Networking
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