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 2nd Batch of Chis bugs - outlined

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2nd Batch of Chis bugs - outlined Empty
PostSubject: 2nd Batch of Chis bugs - outlined   2nd Batch of Chis bugs - outlined Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 9:51 am

2nd Batch Bugs outline


  1. Duplication of patient record. The system should not allow this. Patient details are same, Bday, age, Full name (last, First & Middle name) etc.
  2. Room/Bed # erased – Bed # assignment was erased after editing & saving of an item was made in the transactions tab. Thus the patient file status is active but with no bed assignment.
  3. Room Transfer runtime error – encountered during a room transfer transaction. Current room assignment is null.
  4. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) – Should have its own registration module for pathologic newborn. Since it has a separate account from its mother. Registration detail differs from that of in the Admitting Section (ER).
  5. Should also have provision for admission of babies with less than a year old, month old should be reflected. An option for remarks for age might do.
  6. Should also have provision for admission of patients with no Birthday such in the case of indigents i.e. Bajao’s. they don’t have birthdays. An option for remarks for birthday might do.
  7. Vital Signs – Recheck validation for vital signs such as Blood Pressure (BP) there are instances that it exceeds the figures indicated in range it validates thus data cannot be entered since it exceeds the range.


  1. Follow-up on the table used in the pharmacy module, it doesn’t seem consistent with that of the table used for medicines in the Nurse Station, OPD, Registration module.
  2. Medicine & Medicine Supply table – can’t add, delete or modify an item since table can’t be found. Only warehouse medicine & medicine supply table is available in the Build File for updating.
  3. Markup for Pharmacy items such as medicines & medicines supplies should only be 10% above cost.
  4. Dispensing – should also have provision for canceling items. In case of change of preference (i.e. brand of medicine; Paracetamol, generic to branded).
  5. Stock monitoring – user should be able to identify the item currently worked on. See Warehouse Stock Monitoring for reference.

Pharmacy & Warehouse

  1. Stock monitoring (Pharmacy & Warehouse) – also please provide for print option & print setup to be able to generate hard copy of the status of stocks any time by category (medicines, medicine supplies, & OHM for warehouse module). Printout should also reflect runtime, date & user who generated the report.
  2. Stock monitoring (Pharmacy & Warehouse) – Provide option for search key. It may be by Brand or Generic name.


  1. Follow-up on Laboratory Build file. Still can’t add an item in the Build file module. See 1st batch 2008compilation for reference.
  2. Runtime Error – encountered by acknowledging an item without putting check mark on the check box.


  1. Provision for reprinting of previous X-ray/Ultrasound result. Even for inactive patients. (Those already discharged).
  2. Detailed census printout is not correct. Provide button for print setup enable for us to modify printing preferences or make necessary adjustments.
  3. Follow-up on 1st batch 2008of bugs on Radiology regarding inconsistency in print preview of X-ray & Ultrasound result. See 1st batch 2008 compilation for reference.
  4. Stat request – a Stat request for x-ray was made & acknowledged in the radiology section, but after acknowledging the request, though result was already encoded, the request still remains in the X-ray acknowledging window.
  5. Result printout – needs some modifications. See attached photocopy for reference.


  1. Closed accounts – posting of additional request (charges) was still possible for CLOSED accounts. This should not be the case.
  2. SOA Detail & Summary – should indicate the user, runtime & date it was generated.
  3. Build file – Selection of department should not be hard coded. Please provide build file button/table for additional department which are not included in the hard coded department. In case of additional department such as OR, NICU, ICU, PACU, etc.

Nurse Station

  1. Patient discharged – CLOSED account patients with additional charges was still able to be discharged in the Nurse station. It should not be the case since additional charges still exist. Program flaw may be traced in the billing module. Additional charges should no longer be possible if ACCOUNT STATUS is already CLOSED.


  1. View charges – Under this module, “view charges” button should also be available. Same button that is used in Charges tab under registration, OPD & Nurse Station module. To determine the origin of unacknowledged charges that reflects other chargeable item in the cashier. (To be able identify where to cancel or acknowledge the pending items.)

Note: Those in Red font are top priorities, Green font - already resolved
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2nd Batch of Chis bugs - outlined
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