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CHIS – Parallel Bugs TOP PRIORITIES Empty
PostSubject: CHIS – Parallel Bugs TOP PRIORITIES   CHIS – Parallel Bugs TOP PRIORITIES Icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 10:05 am

Pharmacy – 40% to be reduced to 10% markup only.

Nurse Station – Consistent lookup of table for Pharmacy Medicines & Medical Supplies in the BUILD files.

PHIC – Verify the correctness of Benefit computation.

NICU – Creation of NEW module of data entry of pathologic newborn.

Registration module

Heading of Admission & Discharge Record to be changed to QUEZON MEDICAL CENTER

Heading of Consultation Record to be changed to


provide space for informant’s Data.

- Please resolve how AGE of baby with less than one (1) year of age to

- appear in the registration window

- BIRTHADAY is a required field, Please resolve the case on how the module will accommodate patients with no BIRTHDAY as in the case of minorities i.e. Badjao.

MSSD – Percentage of discount (%) to be change to Peso figure data entry.

- Provision for more Comprehensive data gathering module to be used for

accessing the patient’s economic status.

- Provide additional space for recommendations/Remarks ( for those not capable of paying which needs additional referral.

- Module content is different from that of Registration module. (refer to attached Medical Social Service Intake Survey Sheet.)
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