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 Boost your SmartBRO connection

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PostSubject: Boost your SmartBRO connection   Boost your SmartBRO connection Icon_minitimeThu May 14, 2009 12:57 pm

Doing that change in the local network connections IP/TCP properties really doesn’t matter that much


To find the valid IP on of your PC, go to START > RUN > CMD > type IPCONFIG
take note of your
IP ADDRESS > your IP address provided by the canopy because it acts like your server (it should not start with 169)
DEFAULT GATEWAY > will be the address of the canopy (this can start with 169)

STEP 2: Know how exactly the system works.

EXPLANATION 1: the canopy that you have is really not a a usual modem/router. It actually serves as another “computer” where you “borrow” your connection. like when you go to internet cafe shops, there is a COMPUTER SERVER that if it’s not turned ON, the rest of the computers won’t have connectoin.

STEP 3: Logic

Since the canopy is the SERVER where you BORROW your internet connection, you must make sure that the canopy is connected and is getting a good signal
TIP 2:
Set your CANOPY as high as possible
face the canopy surface where there is a good signal
???how to know if its getting good signal???
ans: tag team, person X adjusts the canopy while person y checks the pc and the config of the canopy

person Y: access default gateway you got using your internet explorer
*once you got the canopy page, go to PDA, scan for new AP’s, if you get as many base station while adjusting the canopy by person X, it means that the canopy is in good spot.

person Y:
QOS, set #s to 200,800,1500,1500


Save changes


ipconfig /release, then enter
ipconfig /renew, then enter

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt, then enter


Shut down pc
turn off canopy by unplugging its power adapter (wait 3 minutes)

power up canopy adapter
turn on pc

test your speed > brace yourself.


Fastest internet access is the need of today which can only be met if you have chosen a good internet service provider. Technology in this field is getting advanced day by day and furnishes another mode of communication known as internet phone. It has become popular with the name of net to phone service. These internet phone services have been offered by a lot of net companies at very competitive rates. You can get connection to internet phone if you have a phone line or cable internet. All you need is to contact an internet phone company and you can avail this facility on your phone line. ISP’s have now introduced high speed internet dsl for those who want to have quick uninterrupted service. Furthermore internet without cable is also available which a wireless technology of multiple frequencies is; broadband is also offered which can be used for multiple PC’s to be connected at the same time.
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PostSubject: Re: Boost your SmartBRO connection   Boost your SmartBRO connection Icon_minitimeMon Jun 08, 2009 6:00 pm

How to Update the Canopy SM

#fullpost{display:inline;}Warning: If done incorrectly, your SM will become unusable. This is provided as tested but there is no guarantee that during the process your SM does not encounter a problem due to human error and pc hangup or accidental/intentional shutdown.

If you are hesitant of doing this procedure, please ask assistance from
someone who is technically versed and experienced.

(Credits: ExtremeFusion, testmy.net member)

Your computer will need to connect to the device being upgraded. Set your TCP/IP properties.
IP Address: Subnet Mask: Use “root” (without the quotes) as the username, password is left blank.

that the proper version of CNUT is installed and your desired update
package is already saved in your PC, we may now proceed with the steps
in updating your Canopy to version 8.2.2 DES.
CNut and Update Package download here

1. Open your CNUT (Canopy Network Updater Tool), highlight Network Root, and then click Add Network Element.

2. After clicking Add Network Element, a window appears, from the Element Type dropdown box select Subscriber Module (SM),
then in the Element Host Name(s)/IP Address(s), type your Canopy's IP
address (or whatever IP your canopy might have). Click OK.

3. Make sure to select your SM by putting a check next to it, then click View, and then click Refresh/Discover Selected Network Elements.

If this is successful you should see an info next to your SM like in the screenshot below. If CNUT can't access your SM, you may be having problems following the steps. Read again.

4. With your SM
still checked, click Update, then Manage Packages. A package Manager
window will appear, click Add and select the package file you saved
earlier (if you are using the new CNUT, it will ask for the *.pkg2
file, if using the old CNUT it will ask for the *.pkg file). After
selection, close the Update Manager Window.

5. With your SM
still checked, click Update, then click Update Selected Network
Elements. Please be patient to wait for the update process to complete.
It is normal for the CNUT to reboot your SM, don't worry about it.

Click the links to view:
Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Screenshot #3
Screenshot #4
Screenshot #5
Screenshot #6
Screenshot #7
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PostSubject: Mobiper.com   Boost your SmartBRO connection Icon_minitimeTue Jan 18, 2011 6:40 pm

Today dual sim phones are very popular with the youth specially.
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PostSubject: Re: Boost your SmartBRO connection   Boost your SmartBRO connection Icon_minitime

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Boost your SmartBRO connection
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